Troy Magney, Ph.D.

Troy Magney

Position Title
Assistant Professor

Department of Plant Sciences


Research interests and expertise:

Our lab seeks to better understand plant systems through the lens of remote sensing and environmental informatics. This work is largely interdisciplinary and combines the fields of plant ecophysiology, biophysics, optics, statistical and computer science.

We develop instruments and methods for mapping vegetation structure and function at the leaf, tower, airborne, and satellite scales. This includes optical sensors that measure vegetation reflectance, thermal emission and solar-induced fluorescence (SIF), as well as active sensors (lidar, radar, microwave). Our work spans the plant kingdom – from agricultural applications (i.e., water and nutrient use efficiencies) to managed and unmanaged ecosystems (i.e., CO2 uptake, productivity, stress).

External activities that contribute to scholarship:

  • Associate guest editor, AoBP Plants
  • Peer reviewer for more than 25 scientific journals
  • NASA Arctic Boreal Vulnerability (ABoVE) Science Team
  • NASA OCO-2/3 Science Team