About the Center for Data Science and Artificial Intelligence Research

The Center for Data Science and Artificial Intelligence Research (CeDAR) seeks to effectively respond to the great challenges of our society by translating complex data into powerful solutions.  Data science and the development of artificial intelligence (AI) have widespread applications that if developed skillfully, can assist in feeding the growing world population, mitigating climate change, combating environmental damage, creating sustainable energy sources and providing effective, affordable healthcare for everyone.

The true effectiveness of data science and AI is unleashed through interdisciplinary collaboration.  As a part of UC Davis, a top research university, CeDAR has the opportunity and resources to bring together world renowned experts from many fields of study with top data science and artificial intelligence researchers.  As CeDAR advances data science foundations, methods and applications, it weaves them into the fabric of the university, promoting a highly efficient exchange of information and expertise that enhances real-world data science applications.